Top 8 Horror Movies On Netflix

Some Of The 8 Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now.  These movies came out between 1976 and 2015

 Re-Animator (Netflix)

Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, a medical student begins to revive the dead and then all hell breaks loose.

 The Lazarus Effect (Netflix)

Similar to the Re-Animator, a group of scientist begin to raise the dead, with seriously horrifying side effects.

 Harbinger Down (Netflix)
A group of fishermen uncover Soviet space wreckage that is carrying something horrifying.

 Curse Of Chucky (2013) (Netflix)

Chucky is at it again when a small family living in a large home fall victim to his antics.

 Zombeavers (Netflix)

Gory and funny zombeavers.

 The Omen (1976) (Netflix)
A small boy who is the spawn of the devil, 1976 classic.

 Absentia (Netflix)

Tricia suspects she is discovery what has caused the disappearance of her husband who had been missing for 7 years.

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