6 Comedies To Get You Started For The Holidays

6 Funny Netflix Comedies For The Holidays.  John Candy and Steve Martin make the list with some classics for you to enjoy.

Planes, Trains And Automobiles (Netflix)

A Steve Martin and John Candy Classic. A businessman tries to make it home for thanksgiving where he finds himself stuck with a funny salesman.

Only the lonely (Netflix)

John Candy plays a police officer who begins to have a relationship with a women who works at a funeral home.

The Out-of-towners (Netflix)

They wanted a romantic weekend. The got a weekend, with laughs and romance.

Grandmas Boy (Netflix)

A 35 year old game test has to move in with his grandma until he can find a new place to call home. He runs into some funny antics with his grandmother.

The last time you had fun (Netflix)

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